Can You Control Volume with AirPods?

Are you wondering if it’s possible to control volume with Airpods?

Yes, you can control the volume on your Iphone or Ipad with Airpods by using the soft touch feature or by using siri. In that case, you will need to give instructions to siri to adjust the volume level to your needs.

controlling airpod volume


How to adjust volume on airpods pro 2nd generation

You can control volume on Airpods pro 2nd generation using the built-in soft touch feature. To manually adjust the volume on your airpods pro do the following:

You should first pair your airpods with your device and confirm that your airpods are on.

To adjust the volume, use you thumb. Place your thumb on any of the airpod’s stem and swipe up to increase the volume and down to reduce the volume. 

Did you know that you could do a lot with airpods, more than just adjusting the volume? With a soft touch stem that comes with airpods, the following are some of the features you can control on air pods.

  • To pause audio or resume playback, touch control once. That means, when there is audio playing and you need to pause it, tap once on the stem, to resume playback, do the same
  • If you need to skip the audio file that you are currently playing, simply tap the touch control twice.

Can you control volume directly from airpods

Yes. There are two ways you can control volume directly from airpods. The are, by using the soft touch on the stem of airpods and by using Siri. (You have to enable siri in the press and hold airpods.

Can you change volume on airpods without siri

Yes. You can change volume on your airpods without sir by swiping your thumb up and down on the stem of the airpods. Siri is just another way to adjust volume on your airpods when you can’t reach your airpods with your hands.

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How to turn up volume on airpods with Siri

In cases, where you want to use siri to turn up or turn down volume on your airpods you can do so by enabling siri on your device.

To enable siri on your airpods so that you can use it to control volume follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your phone, tablet or ipod is connected to airpods
  2. On your phone screen go to settings-àBluetooth or settingsàAirpods
  3. Tap the more info next to the airpods
  4. Go down to the press and hold airpods action and
  5. On either left or right, tap the press and hold airpods and then select siri. Not that you can only have one to side of air pods to use with siri.

Why are my airpods so quiet on android?

Its always good practice to keep any type or earbuds clean at all times. When they get become dirty and debris get stuck in some parts of your airpods, you may experience sound quality issue and even low volume.

However, if your airpods are clean but have become so quiet on your android device, a common fix is to reset them. You can reset your airpods by tapping the reset button behind the charging case and reconnecting them to your android device.

How to reset airpods using the charging case

  • Put the airpods in the charging case, close the lid and wait for 30 minutes
  • With your airpods in your ears, go to settings on your android device and locat the airpods name
  • Tap the ‘forget this device’ and tap again to confirm the action
  • Tap the button on the back of the charging case for 15 seconds (the lid has to be open)
  • Now reconnect the airpods to your android device.

These steps to reset your air pods should fix the airpods low volume issue on android.

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