How to fix Jabra elite active 75t right earbud low volume

Are you dealing with Jabra elite active 75t right earbud low volume issue? This is not an uncommon problem among Jabra owners, but it turns out that it has an easy fix.  This low volume  problem can be caused by buildup of wax and sweat into the ear bud pin hole.

The easiest way to fix a Jabra elite earbud low volume problem is to clean the earbud and the pin hole near the charging pins. Even if you don’t see any dirt on it, cleaning it will surely restore your earbuds bud’s normal volume. You can use a toothpick and swirl it around the hole but just be gentle to avoid damaging anything in there.

Jabra elite active 75t right earbud

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use anything sharp to clean them, you can use a compressed air duster to blow out the dirt from that little hole, it works like magic!

Overtime ear wax could find its way into the earbud tiny hole and could potentially make it less audible. So be sure to clean your earbuds from time to time to keep them running in good condition.

So how does a dirty or blocked small hole cause the low volume problem?

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In simple terms and as with every speaker, they move some air for them to work and produce the sound. The general rule is that the bigger the speaker, the more air it pushes and the more noticeable it becomes.

So that small hole on your ear bud is a vent or inlet and when it becomes blocked the air that the speaker can move significantly reduces and this could cause the earbud to be less audible.

The best way to resolve the issue is to remove the dirt and wax from it by way of cleaning.

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Other ways to fix Jabra elite 75t right earbud low volume Issue

Have you tried cleaning the pin hole on your ear bud and the problem doesn’t seem to go away? If that is the case, you might be dealing within the Bluetooth cache problem of your phone.

Luckily there is a way to reset and restore everything, below is a few steps on how to reset the Bluetooth cache

1.       Remove the headset by going to Settings > Connections> Bluetooth Settings.

2.        Make sure the Bluetooth setting of the phone is ON (there will be a blue or green check mark next to the word Bluetooth) if it is.

3.       At the bottom of the screen in the Bluetooth Devices / Previously Connected Devices area find the listing for Jabra Elite 75t.

4.       Next to its name you should see a settings icon, touch that icon, then touch Un-pair or Forget This Device.

5.       When the device has unpaired turn the phone’s Bluetooth setting OFF.

6.       Go back to Settings then to Applications > Manage Applications. At the top of the screen select the “All” tab (you will see tab for “Downloaded”, “Running”, “SD Card” and “All”).

7.       You might have to sweep the page over to the left or right to get to the “All” tab.

8.       Under “All” scroll down and select the item “Bluetooth” or “Bluetooth Share”.

9.       Now press the Clear Cache button if available then the Clear Data button. Shut the Phone Off.

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How to Keep your Jabra earbud clean and safe

1)      Cleaning the earbuds and the charging case: Dirt and soil can build up in the charging pins and the earbud poles. So, it’s important to clean them regularly. When they have some build up on them, they can affect the charging of your earbuds and the general performance. Use a dry swab to clean the poles on the earbuds and the pins on the charging case.

2)      To clean ear gels use a cotton swab dampened with a little bit of warm water. Clean them by gently wiping away the oils from the earbud and around the hole. Just make sure they are dry before using them again.

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