How to Fix Philips TV Not Turning Off

Philips TV not turning off is not a very uncommon  issue that some  users can face. This issue can be caused by a variety of factors, including problems with the remote control, remote control batteries or the TV itself.

In this guide, we will cover the possible causes of the issue and  a variety of troubleshooting steps, including quick fixes and more in-depth troubleshooting.


Possible reasons your Philips TV is not turning off

1) Philips TV not responding to remote control

One of the most common symptoms of this issue is that the Philips TV will not respond to the remote control. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, including dead batteries in the remote or  a faulty remote control itself. Replacing the batteries in many cases will fix the problem.

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How to troubleshoot remote control issues

To  determine if the remote control is preventing the TV from turning off.

 You can try the following steps

  • Use a different remote control ( If available): If you have another remote control, such as a spare or a different model, try using it to turn off the TV. If the TV turns off using a different remote, this indicates that the original remote is likely the cause of the problem.
  • Check the batteries in the remote control: If the remote control is not responding, try replacing the batteries. Dead batteries can cause the remote control to stop working, which could be preventing the TV from turning off.
  • Check the remote control’s connection to the TV: Ensure that the remote control is properly paired with the TV and that there are no obstructions between the remote and the TV.
  • Try the power button on the TV : If the TV does not turn off using the remote control, try using the power button on the TV itself to turn it off. If the TV turns off using the power button, this indicates that the remote control may be the cause of the problem.

2) Philips TV not responding to the power button

In some cases, the Philips TV may not turn off even when the power button is pressed. This could be due to a variety of reasons, including a damaged button, software or hardware faults, or problems with the power supply.

How a defective power button will prevent a TV from turning off.

 Defective buttons on a TV can prevent it from turning off because the buttons are used to issue the command to turn off the TV. If the buttons are not functioning properly, the TV may not receive the proper signal to turn off, causing it to remain on. This can be caused by a number of issues, such as:

Damaged buttons: If the buttons are physically damaged, they may not function properly.

Circuit damage: If the circuit that connects the buttons to the TV’s main board is damaged, the buttons may not work properly.

Software issues: If the software that controls the buttons is corrupted or malfunctioning, the buttons may not work properly.

3) Philips TV stuck in a loop or not turning off completely

 In some cases, the Philips TV may appear to be turning off, but it actually remains in a loop, turning on and off repeatedly. This can be due to issues with the TV’s software or hardware, the problem can be addressed by either updating the firmware or inspecting the control board.

These symptoms can be frustrating and disruptive, but they are often solvable with the right troubleshooting steps.

4) Hardware and software issue  in the TV

One of the most common causes of the Philips TV not turning off is technical faults within the TV itself. This can include software or hardware faults, such as problems with the TV’s  internal components such as the main control board

. This issue can be fixed by resetting your tv. That is if other buttons are functioning normally,

Here are the easy steps to reset a Philips TV:

  1. Locate the “Menu” button on the remote control or on the TV itself.
  1. Navigate to the “Setup” or “Settings” menu.
  2. Look for the option to reset the TV to its original factory settings, usually labeled as “Factory reset,” “Initial setup,” or “System reset.”
  3. Select the factory reset option and confirm the action.
  4. The TV will restart and go through the initial setup process, which may take several minutes.

If the rest of the buttons are not functioning, you can power cycle your TV. Here is how to do it.

How to power cycle a philips TV

  • Unplug the TV from the electrical outlet or power strip.
  • Wait for a few seconds, typically 10-15 seconds.
  • Plug the TV back into the electrical outlet.
  • Turn the TV back on using the remote or the power button.

5) Main Board Problems

 If the main board of the TV is damaged, it may prevent the TV from turning off. This is because the main board controls all the other functions of the TV, including the power supply. You can try resetting and power cycling but if the problem persists, you need to have the control board replaced.

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6) Update the TV’s firmware 

If basic troubleshooting steps have not resolved the issue, updating the TV’s firmware may be necessary. New firmware updates can resolve bugs and other  issues, which can sometimes be the root cause of the TV not turning off.

Final thoughts 

 Whether the issue is caused by a technical fault, remote control problem, or power supply issue, following the steps outlined in this post can help you  fix the problem. If nothing works, you might want to take your TV for repair.

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