Jabra Elite Active 65t Right Earbud Not Turning On [Solved]

If you are dealing with a Jabra elite active 65t right earbud not turning on, then you should make sure that the earbud is correctly charged.

In general, when the Jabra Elite Active earbud is not turning on, try charging it and if this does not fix the problem, you may need to reset your earbuds’  or together with its charging case.

Here are a few steps to help you reset your Jabra earbud charging case.

Jabra earbud not turning on

1.       Start by opening the charging case, then place both right and left earbuds inside the case.

2.       Without closing the lid,  plug it into a power source using the USB cable.  Use a wall charger with a standard voltage of 5v +- 0.25v. 

3.      When you see the case battery level LED indicator light up near the port after 3 to 5 sec, close the lid.

4.       Let  the earbuds and the charging case charge fully for at least 2 hours.

If the earbud doesn’t turn on after resetting the charging case, then you can go ahead to reset the ear buds. So how do you reset Jabra elite earbuds? Here are a few easy steps:

1.       First unpair your Jabra Elite Active 65t from your phone

2.       Then simultaneously press and hold the buttons on each earbud.

3.       Upon pressing on each button, you will see your Jabra Elite 65t go into pairing mode.

4.        Keep pressing the buttons until you see the purple flashing LED on the two earbuds.

5.       Once you see the purple LEDs, let go of the buttons.

6.       At this point the earbuds will go into pairing mode.

7.       You can then pair the Jabra Elite Active 65t to your phone. You can do this from your phone’s Bluetooth menu.

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What Should I do if my Jabra elite active 65t right earbud won’t turn on?

Tried out our  tips above and your earbud wont turn on? Well there is this unusual trick that you won’t find anywhere else. I mean not even on Jabra support website and here is how to go about it.

  1. Look  for a small hole on the right earbud. This will typically be located near the contact points and just under the letter “R”.
  2.  You can  use a toothpick or a money clip but it really has to be thin(but not sharp.)
  3. Now swirl with the pin/toothpick around that hole but be gentle to avoid damaging anything.
  4. Then try again to see if it’s working.

Important tip: Don’t go around pushing the pin or toothpick or whatever you use very hard into that hole.


My jabra elite 65t keeps turning on and off, how do I fix this?

Depending on the model that you have, if your Jabra earbuds keep turning on and off, reset the earbuds using the steps that we have discussed above.

Alternatively, leave the earbuds on until they completely die out, then try charging them again and pairing them with your device.

This should fix the problem.

Jabra elite 65t right earbud no light on it, what is the fix?

If your Jabra 65f right or left earbud has no light on it, this is an indication of any of the following.

  •  Your earbuds need a rest. To reset your earbuds follow the above steps we discussed above
  •  Your earbuds need charging. See our guid above on how to char your jaba earbuds.
  •  Your earbuds need a firmware update.

If nothing works out with all these troubleshooting tips, its perhaps a good idea to contact Jabra support for help, thanks for reading.

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