Jabra elite active 75t left earbud low volume [Fixed]

Are you facing the Jabra elite active 75t left earbud low volume problem? Jabra earbuds are among the best and most reliable earbuds on the market but just like any other electronic gadgets you may run into a problem with them.

When your Jabra elite left or right earbud has a low volume issue, the easiest fix to this problem is to clean a tiny hole on the affected earbud. Use a toothpick or a paper clip to insert and swirl around the tiny hoe. If this doesn’t fix the problem, use an air can (a compressed air duster).

That should fix the problem.

Jabra elite left earbud

However, if you are still experiencing the low volume problem on either earbud after using that trick, there are still a few things you can do to restore your earbuds to their normal working condition. Let’s find out about what you can do to resolve this issue!

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How to fix Jabra elite 75t left or right earbud low volume problem

Resetting your earbuds

The first thing you want to do when you face the low earbud issue on any of your Jabra elite earbuds is to reset the earbuds. Here are the steps to do a reset.

1)      Firstly, unpair your earbuds from your phone or device

2)      Press the buttons on each earbud simultaneously until the purple light flashes

3)      Now close the lid for the charging case for about 5 seconds.

4)      The earbuds have now been manually reset and after this, the LED on the right earbud will flash blue to indicate, they are in pairing mode

Clean the earbuds

Over time, your earbuds can accumulate dust and dirt in critical parts that can interfere with their operation.

For example, dirt in the charging port can affect how your earbuds charge and in the worst-case scenario, this can prevent your earbuds from charging.

Not only that, when dust or dirt find a way into the tiny hole of your earbuds, they can make them less audible and, in some cases, prevent your earbuds from producing any sounds.

So, one of the most effective methods for fixing Jabra earbud low problems is to clean them. Clean the pin hole on each of your earbuds. Use a paper clip or toothpick and gently do some cleaning in that little, tiny hole.

Even if you can’t see dirt in it, sweat or ear wax could actually be responsible for the low volume.

Update or reset the Jabra earbud firmware

This method can fix many problems that have to do with the software part. Resetting your Jaba earbud and charging case  can also  be done by updating the firmware.

  •     Remove the earbuds from the charging case but ensure they remain connected to your device
  • On your sound+ app, tap the discover icon
  • Then tap the update now and this should start updating the firmware
  • Follow all the prompts on your screen and usually the update takes about 15 minutes
  • To complete the update process correctly, connect the charging case to the power supply and place back the earbuds into the charging case. Then close the lid for about 5 seconds.

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Tips on how to keep you Jabra earbuds in great condition

  • To Maximise the lifespan of your Jabra earbud battery life, avoid placing them in extreme temperatures such as leaving them in your car in summer or winter. Ideally your earbuds should be kept between (59°F and 77°F).
  • Regularly clean your earbuds.
  • Don’t keep your earbuds for a long time without charging them, this can kill the batteries. Charge them at least once in 3 months.


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