Jlab earbuds won’t turn on [Solved]

If your Jlab earbuds won’t turn on there could a few common issues that could be causing that

While there could be a few other reasons your Jlab earbuds won’t turn on,  drained out batteries is a  common cause for this issue. To fix this problem, give your earbuds a recharge of not less than 30 minutes before trying to turn

If charging your earbuds does not fix the problem, there are a few other issues that could be causing this problem. 

But before we dive into these issues, let’s look at how to correctly turn on your Jlab earbuds, just to make sure that we are not missing out on anything.

How to correctly turn on Jlab earbuds

  1. Remove the earbuds from the charging case.
  2. When earbuds are out of the charging case, they should blink blue/white lights to indicate they are ready for pairing with your device.
  3. Go to your phone or tablet and open the bluetooth settings. Search for new bluetooth devices and select your model of the earbuds
  4. If the connection is successful, you will hear a voice confirmation from the earbuds.

However, if you have tried the above steps to correctly turn on your earbuds and  they still wont turn on, then there could be other reasons. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons below:

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The earbuds are not charged

Of course thi is a no-brainer fact, but this happens more often than you may think. The commonest reason your earbuds are not turning on is probably because they have a drained out battery that needs to be charged.

 Have you tried turning on your Jlab earbuds and they are not turning on, try charging them. Charge them for at least 30 minutes and see if they will turn on. Always use the right voltage and cable for charging your earbuds to ensure proper charging and avoid possible damage to your earbuds.

Jlab Charging case not working

If you have tried charging your earbuds in the charging case but they still can’t turn on then the charging case might not be working.

Possible reasons for the charging case not working include the following:

  • The charging ports are dead, or they care covered with debris
  • The charging case battery is completely drained out and just needs to recharge a little bit longer.
  • A faulty battery.

 To rule out the charging case problem, check  whether or not  the charging lights are flashing. To know exactly what color of light indicates charging for your model, go to your user manual and check what kind of  led lights indicate charging.

But generally when Jlab earbuds  are placed in a charging  case, a pulsating blue or white light should blink to indicate that the earbuds are charging. It should be noted that depending on the model of earbuds you have,charging lights can differ. That’s why it’s important to refer to the manual for your model.

If the charging lights are off that could tell that there is a problem with the charging case.

Other common problems with the charging case include worn out charging pins and this could prevent the earbuds from making charging contacts with the charging case.

Hardware damage to your earbuds.

Now this is not what you want to hear. If your Jlab earbuds won’t turn on, its hardware component might be physically damaged. 

Dropping them or not taking proper care of them can cause harm to the hardware components., even though chances are both earbuds wouldn’t have the same hardware damage at the same. But the truth is,  this does happen.

Moisture got into the electronic component

Moisture and water could affect how your earbuds operate. Did you drop earbuds in water or did you have a shower with your earbuds on the window sill? This could prevent them from turning on but the good news is, they will turn on when you allow your earbuds to dry out completely.

This could take up to a day or so for them to dry out and turn on

It’s too hot.

The electronic circuits in your earbuds are designed to operate at conducive  temperatures. That means that when it gets too hot, your earbuds could malfunction or won’t turn on at all.

 If you think the temperature around  is too high for your earbuds, especially outdoors. Try taking them indoors where there is normally some cooler temperature and wait for them to cool a little bit before trying turning them down again.

Force a restart

If the above tips do not solve the problem, you may want to restart your Jlab earbuds. To restart your earbuds follow these easy steps

1.       Put them into the charging case and

2.       Tap  on each earbud 2-3 times until power com

Tips on how to care for Jlab earbuds

  1. Avoid leaving your earbuds in extreme temperatures. They are designed to work well only under  normal temperature conditions. Places to avoid leaving your earbuds include your car’s dashboard in summer.
  2. Keep your earbuds clean at all times. If you notice it was built up in earbuds,clean the eartips with a cotton swab. Wax could negatively affect the sound quality.
  3. Always keep your earbuds in a safe place to make them less susceptible to damage.
  4. Ensure ever after .

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