Why Can People Hear My Airpods?

Are you wondering why your airpods can be heard by people around you? There are a few things that can cause this issue, but the good thing is that there is a solution to each of them

If people can hear your airpods, this can be because the volume is too high, there is dirty blocking the inside part of the airpods, or you have not worn your airpods properly. If the problem is due to high volume on your airpods, then the volume reaching your ears is loud enough to even cause damage to your hearing.


Possible reasons why people can hear your airpods

  1. Your volume is just turned up.

If your airpods are being heard by others around you, chances are, the volume is too high. By raising your volume to high, sound will leak out of it and could be the reason other people can hear your airpods.

2. Airpods are blocked on the inside

When wax or dirt build up on the airpods tip, there will be little sound coming inside but high volume will leak out.

3. You are experiencing hearing loss

Another problem people could hear you airpods is simply because you are experiencing hearing loss. This condition can come about when you are constantly listening to your air pods at high volume.

When you are having some hearing loss, you’ll be forced to pump up the volume for you to listen to the music, but this will in turn cause the high volume to be heard by people.

How To Stop Airpods from Leaking Sound

1)  Bring down volume

This is the commonest solution for not only airpods but for any other models of earbuds and headphones that have problems of leaking sound.  This usually happens because you are playing the music too loud and don’t realize it. This usually happens when you are having some hearing loss or you are just in an environment where there is too much noise.

Try lowering some volume and that should solve this problem

2)  Turn on Activate Noise Noise cancellation feature (for air pod pro and airpod max)

Another possible reason why people can hear your airpods is that you have not activated the noise cancellation feature. Although that applies to airpod pro and airpod max, with the noise cancellation activated, it will block away exterior noises from penetrating your airpods and that means that you won’t have to raise volume for you to comfortably listen.

To turn on active noise cancellation, go to Bluetooth settings on your device and tap on  ‘noise cancellation’

3)  Avoid raising volume on you airpods n noisy places

It is tempting to raise the volume on your airpods when you are in a place with some sort of white noise such as on a plane. Usually, people can hear your airpods.

4)  Use earbuds foam covers or silicone

AIrpods do not come with silicone cover or earbud foam cover like other brands do and that could be a valid reason for leaking out some sound. However, you can reduce the noise coming out from your airpods by purchasing the external ear tips cover like this one here

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How Can I Tell If People Around Me Can Hear My AirPods?

There is no one specific way to tell if people around you can hear your airpods. But there are a few signs to help you see people’s discomfort with the sounds coming from   your air pods. Some of these signs include when people give you ‘long ‘looks or show other signs of discomfort. Some people easily get annoyed from the noise leaking out of your earbuds.

But technically speaking, airpods are well designed to be sealed and will leak the minimal sound possible under any circumstances not more than 39 db. Normal ambient noise in a home is around 40-45 db meaning that with 39 db leaking out of your airpods, you should be fine and others around you too.

Alternatively, you can do a simple test with another person just to clear you on the noise leaking out from your airpods. Put your airpods on your friend and stand a few feet away with the same volume level. If you can hear the airpods, then yes, they can be heard by anyone else too. If you can’t hear anything from them then, no one else can.

Why Are My Airpods So Quiet but Loud Outside?

There is a common issue that causes your earbuds to be quiet inside but loud outside and that is, accumulation of dirt and wax on your earbuds. This problem can also be caused when dirt blocks the tip covering the main speaker.

The good news is that this can be fixed by cleaning your airpods.

Cleaning airpods is simple, just use a clean cloth damped in some fresh water. If dirt or stains do not come out, use some alcohol to clean them up. There are more instructions here on how you can use some alcohol cleaners to clean your airpods. Just avoid bleach as it can do more harm than good.

Should others hear my music on airpods?

No, just like any other airpods are designed to leak out the minimum sound possible. If music on your air pods can be heard by others around then you haven’t put them on correctly or the volume is too high. Try bringing down your volume to a safe level about 50% percent. Avoid playing music on high volume. This will pay off in the long run, there won’t be a risk of you getting your hearing affected.

Final thoughts

Now that you have learnt about common reasons why your airpods are heard by other people, we hope that you have fixed this problem. But If the problem has not been resolved after following all our tips in this guide, then it’s perhaps a good idea to contact airpod support for more instructions on how to resolve the problem for a possible replacement with a good working one. Thanks for reading.

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